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Court Approved Intervention and Education Classes

THINKING FOR A CHANGE: Fee: Intake $40.00 $20.00 per class session
This is a cognitive-behavioral curriculum developed by the National Institute of
Corrections, which was designed to change the criminogenic thinking of offenders.
Thinking for a Change is a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) program that includes
cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and the development of problem-
solving skills. This class is a coed. The class is 25 weeks one hour per week.
Wednesday 6:30-7:30 PM
Dallas-MLK Center

PARENTING CLASSES: Fee: $50 per class session
This is an educational program designed to teaching parents how to use appropriate rewards as part of their discipline. Parents will also learn which parenting technique works for each child. Topics includes age appropriate effective communication, recognizing child abuse and educating parents on appropriate parent/child boundaries. This is a four (4) week-3 hour class for a total of 12 hours of instructional class.
Desoto-Saturday 9-12noon

THEFT INTERVENTION AND PREVENTION CLASS: Fee: $50.00 or $100.00 per class sessions
The goal of this class is to identify and change the feelings, thoughts and actions that have caused people to steal from others. This class will provide participates with tools to manage difficult situations in effective ways. This is a one 4 or 8 hour day class as required by the courts. Dallas-MLKJr.
Saturday 9-1pm or Dallas 8787 N. Stemmons 9-5

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Educational Classes


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